Return/Refund/Exchange Policy

Your horse, like many, may love our socks but they don't feel like anything your horse has ever had on its legs. Silver Whinnys®, our bandage/barrier sock fit like a new skin, not a bandage or wrap. They may take a bit to get use to. When using any of our socks, Whinny Warmers® or Silver Whinnys® put a pair on early, before noon on first day and DO NOT ADD ANY MORE SOCKS UNTIL THE NEXT DAY even if your horse is doing well with the first pair. Always put on the socks early in the day so you can observe your horse through the day to make sure all is well before leaving them on your horse all night. Add the second pair early in the following day if all is well.

As you know, new things can emotionally overwhelm horses. Experienced horsemen and women know an easy gradient to all things new is the path to stress free acceptance. If a horse is to have any issues, they may not readily appear. As with any leg wear, the socks should be at least checked for adjustments in the mornings and evenings. Call us before using them if you are in doubt about fit. Learn more about Compression in our Support section. Don't use all of the socks on your horse until you know the first pair will work for your horse.

Also go to our Support section to read more about the Silver Whinnys® when using them to bandage dermatitis, sores or wounds. Stage 2 healing can present challenges to any bandage, our socks included. We have helped a lot of owners heal their horses so we know we can help you too. Sometimes it may mean extra support given to the socks so that they last your horse a long time and stay over the damaged tissue. Before you believe they must be returned, call or email us. We will do everything we can to help you succeed in the solving the problem that led you to our socks. We truly care about helping you help your horse.

Sox For Horses, Inc will refund 30% of your purchase price on used socks. New-unused socks will be refunded at 100% of your purchase price. You must return the socks for replacement, or refund within 30 days of your purchase. Returns must include a copy of the packing slip or purchase receipt. The cost of shipping and handling is not eligible for refund nor is return shipping. Exchanges can be made with an additional payment for shipping and handling. Items that have been previously replaced because of a sizing exchange are not refundable.

Special bandaging socks, custom made socks and Whinny Wellies™ are not refundable as these are all custom options however we stand behind our custom socks and Whinny Wellies™ to make sure they were built to the specifications you provided when you ordered them. We want them made right and will make sure they are. If you have any questions about the socks, a refund or exchanges, please call us at 850-907-5724. SFHs recommend that you return socks inexpensively using USPS with "Delivery Confirmation". You must get the socks to SFHs for a "return" credit.

Damaged/Defective Items:

We stand behind our products! If you receive an item that is defective, you MUST contact us with the specific issue within 48 Hours of receipt so that we may exchange the item for its exact replacement. No Exceptions!

Items damaged in transit must be reported within 48 hours of receipt. Your assistance will be required during the claim process.

Size exchanges can be made with an additional payment for shipping and handling. Please call us to make Exchanges. Items that have been previously replaced because of a sizing exchange are not refundable.

If you have any questions about Refunds, Damaged/Defected or Exchanges, please call us at 850-907-5724.

We recommend that you return socks to us inexpensively using parcel post USPS with “Delivery Confirmation”. You must get the socks to us for a refund.

See "Support > FAQs" for more information about what you may experience in the first few days of your horse wearing our socks.